16 December 2022

Adrian Stoichină, Prima Development Group: “For our company, the challenges will come from finding solutions to make the construction process more efficient, to keep costs in a sustainable area”

In an economic context full of challenges, Forbes Romania invited important representatives from the local business environment to talk about the lessons learned and experienced in the year 2022 and the challenges of the year 2023, as part of the editorial project #lecțiipentru2023.

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22 November 2022

Prima Development, from Oradea, are building a complex of 482 apartments in the north of the Capital

After two projects in central areas of the capital, Boemia Apartments and Core Timpuri Noi, Oradeans from Prima Development Group are developing yet another residential project in Bucharest, called Prima Vista, which will include hundreds of apartments.

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21 February 2022

Prima Development Group reports sales of over 250 million lei in 2021, a record for the company

Prima Development Group announces record sales for the company in 2021, of over 250 million lei. Last year’s sales are recorded in the context of the expansion of the developer’s real estate projects in Bucharest. In the capital alone, Prima Development Group sold 200 apartments in 2021. For 2022, the company estimates that the trend will continue upwards, and the number of apartments sold will be more than 700, given that last year it sold 640 apartments in Bucharest and Oradea.

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14 December 2021

Prima Development Group develops a new residential complex. Total investment about 40 mil. euro

Prima Development Group is starting to develop a new residential complex in Oradea, Green Residence, which continues the Prima Nufărul project.

20 October 2021

Andrei Moanţă, Prima Development Group: “I want to build the best management team in the field of construction and residential development”

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20 October 2021

Andrei Moanţ, CEO of Prima Development Group: “For construction materials we see higher increases than ever, today it is practically impossible to predict a construction cost for a new residential building”

If in other summers the main topic of discussion in the business community focused on routine and holiday destinations, this time, Forbes Romania challenged the most well-known players in the local business environment to answer a short questionnaire, in a special context, in which in the summer of 2021 should represent an expected return to (new) normalcy.

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20 October 2021

Andrei Moanță, Prima Development Group: We expect an increase in new home prices of up to 7% by the end of this year, and over 15% by the end of next year

Price increases for construction materials and question marks on urbanism in Bucharest – the challenges for the real estate market.

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05 October 2021

INTERVIEW Andrei Moanță, CEO of Prima Development Group, about the development plans in Oradea and Bucharest

In recent years, Oradea has intensified its activity in the real estate sector. Developers have become increasingly active, making a significant contribution to reshaping the city. Thus, the city has made progress – one that translates into smart urban development. And things don’t stop there. For some developers, Oradea was a starting point, and now it continues to consolidate its position in other cities, in the context in which it anticipates that in the coming years the real estate sector will grow.

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26 July 2021

The experience of the developer and the builder is the most important factor in obtaining a quality home

The experience of the developer and the builder is the most important factor for obtaining a quality home, so my advice for someone who wants to buy a home is to follow the history and projects already delivered by the company, said Andrei Moanţă, CEO Prima Development Group, which was kind enough to give us an interview about the concept of reliability in construction, customer preferences and changes in the market over the past 15 years.

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19 July 2021

Why is the criterion of reliability important in choosing a house?

If when we talk about cars, reliability is one of the most important elements that we analyze,few people know that this quality must be sought in the case of a home.

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02 June 2021

CORE Timpuri Noi, the residential project with the highest number of electric charging stations in Bucharest

Prima Development Group announces that CORE Timpuri Noi will include the largest network of electric charging stations in a residential project in Bucharest.

18 May 2021

Andrei Moanță, CEO PRIMA Development Group “The impact of the pandemic has translated into a greater interest of people for the space in which they live”

Andrei Moanţă, CEO Prima Development Group, gave us an interview in which he told us about how people’s preferences for living space have changed, about the main challenges in the market, but also about the company’s development plans.

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